I am many years late with this letter. My son William was a patient of yours around 2004? When you first met us William was delayed, non-verbal, zero eye-contact. Honestly, I didn’t know my son- he did not react or interact with anyone, not even me, his mom. He was severely withdrawn and only made noise when he desperately wanted his way……which was always OCD related, or so it seemed. We couldn’t leave a waiting room until all of the blocks were touched or lined up or sorted or put away…whatever the order was for the day.

I don’t think we were under your care for that long, but we did everything you suggested, including educating ourselves and looking for other people making progress in our town (Ocala). We drove hours every week to secure pure local foods. We prayed and we worked and we studied and we learned and we applied your principles to our lives……for years.

And we succeeded! Today William is 10 1/2 yrs old and thriving! He is the most loving, emotional and caring boy I ever did meet! He’s smart and intuitive. He cares about others- He is the boy holding the door, helping to load the groceries or starting a conversation with strangers!
Today people of all ages are drawn to him-like they just want to be near him. OCD gone! Sometimes, I find myself tuning him out!!! And then I remember, say a prayer, and thank God!

Leigh Ann Parent - August 10, 2012

On Tuesday, May 29, 2012, Santana had a follow up with his neurologist. I am so thrilled and excited to share with you the feedback and experience from the neurologist appointment. I just could not wait to see you next month in July to share with you, so this is the reason for this email. Our first visit with the neurologist was January 2011. Since then, Santana was seen again by the neurologist on December 2011, and we began treatment with you on January 2012. In December 2011, neurologist mentioned that we should start ABA, but in our most recent visit May 2012, he mentioned that Santana did not need ABA therapy anymore. His words were “he is doing great” “he is doing excellent”. He also mentioned that he only wished his grandson, who has the same problem as Santana would be making the progress that Santana is making.

The Neurologist also mentioned that we do not see this kind of progress in the autism world. He also mentioned that an average doctor would at this point miss Santana’s diagnoses because he is “very, very, high functioning PDD”. He mentioned that his eye contact is so much better. His echolalia has decreased since December 2011, and suspects for the echolalia to continue to decrease as to where it is not even heard anymore. He says that once his speech becomes more conversational, no one will ever be able to tell that he had a speech problem. I know we still have a lot more to do to help Santana fully recover, but I just could not wait to thank you for the progress that he has made. Thank you so much!

The Washington Family - June 5, 2012

Just wanted to share some good info to you and Dr. David about Noah. He is in 3rd grade now and just got his first big boy report card from Independent Day School (A, B, C, D, or F grade reports). Noah got straight A’s and is doing awesome. We are amazed at how far he has come since getting the lead out of his little body. We have never forgotten those days and the great people that helped him. This story could of had such a different ending if we had not found you. You changed all of our lives for the better. Thank you all!

Rob & Lisa Breakiron - December 2, 2011

It’s been 2 yrs since we all began our journey recovering my amazing Grandson Brady. Thank-you so much for everything you have done for Brady. Although thank-you seems like such a small word to describe all I feel. With your help you gave him back all that was stolen from him. I have had the pleasure of meeting you once, when Sam and Joe first began bringing Brady to you. A guy after my own heart, (BROOKLYN where I was also born and my favorite past-time THE YANKEES). Sam has also told me you are going to help them bring another child into the world that hopefully will not have to go through all that Brady has in his short life, so again, thank-you.Because of you, Brady is a Healthy Happy little boy that has the whole world in front of him to explore. I still am not sure whether God put you in Tampa or my kids in Tampa to cross paths but whichever way that happened I and all of us will be forever grateful.

Helene Barowski - November 12, 2010

I just received a welcome note for signing on to get your newsletter. I am very excited to receive these. I just wanted to let you know that I am Olivia and Bella ‘s grandma. We met at Livi’s first appointment in January. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your help in Livi’s recovery. The changes are amazing! I just spent last week in Tampa with them and she was still dealing with the regression from the new medication for yeast. It was very difficult , but by the end of the week (which was her second week on the new medicine) everything calmed down and good things began to appear. I don’t even want to think what Livi’s life would be like without you. This has been the most devastating event in our lives. Angie is holding on by sheer strength and determination. We all thank God everyday for having you in our lives.

Kathy H. - August 1, 2009

I wanted to send you a note to tell you that I finally put Sierra and Savanna on a gluten free/casein diet and they are doing amazing. You always suggested this diet and I resisted it. I was afraid that it would be too hard and could not believe it would really be the answer for us. Our lives have been turned around for the better. Savanna tested highly gluten intolerant on her celiac panel and now that she’s been gluten free since September, she can’t eat anything even produced in a facility that produces wheat without getting sick. We have a new neurologist who is on board with everything you started with her. She has started growing, she has more energy, is not as impulsive, no more bowel problems, the list goes on and on of things that have improved.

Sierra is gluten free too and although her tests were negative for gluten intolerance or allergy, her skin issues have cleared up, her behavior is better and she is doing really well in school. Our new local doctor is supporting all the supplements you started us on so we continue with all that treatment as well.

I wanted to thank you for all you do for us and all your patients. You got us on the right track and I wish I had had the courage to try GF/CF much earlier as you suggested!

Susan L. - February 27, 2009

We are so grateful for the care you have provided our son and want other families to know about it so that they may also be helped. As you may recall, our son Joshua has had quite a medical history for a child of 5. Eczema, chronic ear infections, repeat antibiotics, tubes in the ears twice, breathing treatments for wheezing, and severe allergies with hives (food, chemical). At age 4, he was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). This helped to explain some odd behaviors (i.e., pulling his sleeves and pant legs all the way up, not wanting soap suds on his body, pulling away from hugs and kisses, aggression, lack of focus, decreased processing of auditory information, marked hyperactivity, and problems with motor & visual tracking skills). We sought care at your practice for his chronic hives, not realizing that the SPD, developmental issues, and allergies were all caused by the same biochemical disturbances and toxicity inside his body. We soon learned his problems were not simply “behavioral,” they were physiological.

We started biomedical interventions with you, Feb 4, 2008. We began to immerse ourselves in every piece of literature we could find to further educate ourselves about biomedical treatment. We found it to be critical to keep a diary of changes we observed (positive and negative) in response to the various treatments employed. This has contributed to very efficient care and much greater understanding of the direct impact of each intervention on our child. Organization has been essential!! Over time biomedical interventions for Joshua have included: eradication of yeast systemically and from the gut, casein/gluten/soy-free diet, low phenol diet, low salycilate diet (Feingold), various supplements including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, digestive enzymes, methyl B12, and detoxification strategies. We saw remarkable improvement as each new intervention was introduced. Within 6 months, our son was functioning normally in terms of sensory processing, behavior, focus, motor & visual tracking skills. He was no longer experiencing hives on a daily basis, his allergies well-controlled through diet and close monitoring of all products (i.e., detergents, shampoo, toothpaste, etc).

Previous attempts at soccer, baseball, and karate were full of anxiety and complete disasters. Joshua would be off on his own spinning in circles, throwing himself on the ground, making odd noises, and unable to focus. Inside, he knew he was failing and was fearful of the constant reminders to “focus Joshua!” He began to complain of a stomach ache when attending. These activities had to be discontinued in lieu of occupational therapy and daily home activities to foster his development. Joshua required special accommodations in pre-school and his teacher was very concerned about his academic future. There was talk of transitioning him out of the private parochial school he was in to obtain better accommodations for him elsewhere once he transitioned to Kindergarten. This was heartbreaking.

Following 6 months of biomedical intervention Joshua was able to get back into karate and earn his yellow belt within 3 weeks and has continued to blossom. He now attends Kindergarten in the same private school in a classroom of 30 children. He is a happy, well-adjusted almost-6 year old. He enjoys having friends over to play and for sleepovers. He is indistinguishable from his peers socially, behaviorally, and academically,… with the exception of being the second child in the class (and the only boy) to pass the 105 site word test and attain a reading level. The class is required to learn 11 site words. According to his teacher, he is well-behaved and extremely bright. He LOVES school. A year ago this would not have been possible.

At this time, January 2009, Joshua continues to receive nutritional and detoxification supporting treatment with you. We hope to conquer to food and chemical allergies by removing the toxins from the body that continue to affect his immune function. We are thankful for the skill and dedication of you and your team. Without you and the other Defeat Autism Now! Practitioners we would have no hope of saving our children’s futures.

The Vega Family - January 6, 2009

We are now 1 month into the B-12,and we are amazed at the progress.

As I look at the diagnosis list for autism, at the beginning of this process of biomedical intervention, Christopher fit 6 of 7 of the criteria total of the three categories, now I am happy to say he only fits 1(speech and language).

Since using threelac and MB-12 shots, we have seen the following:

1. Christopher seeks interaction at the park with peers and talks with them. He’s a leader. I would say everyone follows him. He says “come on guys let’s play and slide” (the old Christopher would sit under the slide and watch children play but never get involved)

2. Obsessive Compulsions have completely disappeared, He still likes his marvel comic men but plays with all his other toys.

3. He tries new food. For anyone who has never experienced their child going to bed hungry for months because he was unwilling to try anything new and began to have a problem with the foods he did like, this was heart wrenching. Now he tries almost everything I put in front of him. Two nights ago I made chicken vegetable soup, He sat right down and began to eat it. He has never eaten soup his whole life. Last night he ate scrambled eggs (I literally cried at the table because he didn’t even bat an eyelash as he stuffed his mouth and said “mmm this is good!”

4. Chistopher can now sit at an activity for periods of 15 min for therapy when just a few weeks ago he would only sit 15 seconds or less. The therapist even said this is not the same child I saw last week even….what have you changed? (MB-12)

5. I have never, and I mean never, been able to read a book to Christopher. He used to take the book from me and throw it spit on me and throw a fit even if I attempted to read to him. I succumbed to buckling him into his car seat and reading from the drivers side, still with kicking and screaming. I have always read to my children always this was hard for me to understand. GREAT NEWS!! Not only did I complete one full book 2 days ago but I completed 3 for a total of 20 min. And now he allows me to read to him.

6. Upon starting the diet of eliminating the positive test results for food intolerance, speech came immediately, All of the interventions we have tried have been safe and easy, with the exception of the diet, because my child wouldn’t eat. The last 5 months are worth every tear and laugh and joy we have felt as each day he progresses. He now talks to all of us and is quite funny. My youngest daughter was getting dressed and left her door open and Christopher walks by and said “ooh I see your butt!” Sorry if that sounded gross, but I had to share that one. He’s quick with his comments and funny as heck. He laughs at the cartoons being silly, like he gets it now where before he would just watch it with no response other than to repeat what he heard. He is no longer repeating, and full of laughter as he watches.
Thank you Doctor Berger and Staff for allowing me to get my whole child back!! All of you are precious and are a Gift from GOD!

DE - February 29, 2008

My wife and I continue to be impressed by you, your knowledge, and your awesome bedside manner. Although my question about Benjamin’s wrist was by no means an emergency, you nonetheless called me back rather quickly with your answer. You are a class act! You actually inspire me to be a better physician as well.
Ben turns three this May so I am sure a visit to you is soon in order the next time you come down to sunny, South Florida. I really hope that the people of Tampa know what a gem they have in you. See you soon.

Lewis Singer, D.C. - February 17, 2007

We just wanted to give you and update as to our experience with our Vitaeris mHBOT unit.

Michael was almost 3 ½ years old when we started hyperbaric therapy in August 06′ . He did 2 dives per day x 1 hour duration. After dive 22 Michael said “Mama” he has since gained over 75 words and now we are working on stringing them together. He also has an unusual interest in spelling. He can communicate by spelling words out now, like “Aquarium”, “Upstairs”,”Rain” (when it is rainning outside),”Lightning McQueen” (for Cars disney movie).

Combined with GFCF diet for close to 2 yrs, along with detoxification, supplements and MB12 injections. The biggest gain we saw for us was HBOT.

Thank you Dr. Berger and staff for all your help and patience with our family. As we all know, this is a very difficult diagnosis and if it wasnt for your office, I dont know we’re would be.

Christina and family - February 3, 2007