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Fox 13 Tampa Bay: School Districts Draft Guidelines for Students’ Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

November 6, 2019

As the Dec. 1 deadline approaches for school districts to draft policies on how students can take cannabis on campus, effected groups are reaching out to Dr. David for his opinion on how best to approach medical cannabis treatment in schools.

ABC Action News: Florida Schools are Drafting Medical Marijuana Policies

November 1, 2019

As an expert in pediatric medical cannabis, Dr. David continues to be contacted to discuss strategies for handling medical cannabis in schools.

WFLA News Channel 8: Medical Marijuana & Schools

October 25, 2019

WFLA News Channel 8 called upon Dr. David’s expertise to discuss school policies around medical cannabis.

Wholistic ReLeaf: Empowering Families and Patients to Choose the Best Treatment Approach

September 4, 2019

Dr. David & Wholistic ReLeaf were featured in the September issue of Florida Cannabis News!

Medical Cannabis, Autism, and the Transformation of Medicine

July 9, 2019

Written by David Berger, MD, FAAP and published in Autism Parenting Magazine. Find out how using medical cannabis can help facilitate the treatment of children with chronic conditions from a board-certified pediatrician and leading US authority on medical cannabis, Dr. David Berger. Read the article, which begins on page 22 by clicking here.

Patient Beyond the Plant: A Tampa Mother’s Story of Survival

August 21, 2018

Aired: August 21, 2018 A woman with Crohn’s disease who was prescribed opioids following complications from her pregnancy started taking medical marijuana to help alleviate her pain.  Web story can be found here.

Dr. Berger WMNF Interview on Pregnancy, Birthing and Managing Chronic Conditions

August 14, 2018

Interview with Dr. Berger begins at 21:00. His interview includes information on pediatric care for the entire family including managing chronic conditions. WMNF Interview July 2018

Lack of Training for Doctors in Florida Dosing Medical Marijuana

May 31, 2018

Aired: May 31, 2018 There is a widespread lack of knowledge in the state of Florida when it comes to dosing medical marijuana. Find out how this is affecting patients who don’t know how much or what kind to use to be effective.

Florida Medical Marijuana – The Stigma of Legalization

May 11, 2018

Aired: May 11, 2018 Produced by USF’s Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communication, learn how the legalization of medical cannabis in Florida is helping heal those with chronic conditions while simultaneously challenged by the stigma of decades past.

WFLA GR8 Inspiration Featuring Dr. David Berger

May 8, 2018

Aired: May 3, 2018 Dr. David Berger is featured in WFLA’s GR8 Inspiration. This Tampa Florida news story recognizes him for his dedication to patients over the years and how through this commitment, his patients’ lives are changing for the better because of a natural treatment approved under Amendment 2.