DR, mother of MR

April 3, 2017

My son developed intense stomach pains in Jan ’16 as a result of a stomach virus. Over ten weeks, he tried eight prescription meds for pain. Nothing helped. He also developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) & depression to the point that he was unable to interact with other children and had to be removed from school and put into a home school program. Dr. Berger began treating my son in June ’16, and tried various supplement combinations over nine months. During that time we saw some improvement in my son’s pain levels, anxiety, and depression, but not enough to get him back to school. In March ’17, my son started medical cannabis, oral tincture form under Dr. Berger’s care. Within two weeks, we saw drastic improvements. My son no longer has any pain, his anxiety has disappeared completely, and he sleeps & eats much better. He is back in school full time, playing sports, and playing with friends. He is happy, well-adjusted, and his concentration in school has improved. The medical cannabis has been a miracle for him.