October 6, 2006

I wanted to take a minute to thank you.

Our last few days have been nothing short of amazing. We have been using the low dose Naltrexone that you prescribed for two weeks now, and our daughter is talking, a lot! She has come to me 3 times in the last week to say “I oop”, and she had poop! She is also putting 3 words together, saying “big girl school” while looking at her picture story I made on the PC of her school she started this week. Today, when she saw the school bus pulled up for her, she specifically said “big girl school”. She is making so many connections now, and it is just amazing. She is playing with, and “talking” to her doll, pretend playing with fisher price little people and their cars (even saying “oom” for vroom), saying “Hi” again, and saying all her colors. She is still having meltdowns, but this is a therapy issue. What we have seen transform in our lost little girl is absolutely amazing.

She doesn’t even turn 3 until December! I am so thankful we sought your guidance. Between early detection, and biomedical intervention, she has a chance, and we are so very grateful for that. When she was originally diagnosed, the doctor suggested my husband and I find a good babysitter, and try to make time for ourselves, because it was only going to get worse, and to let him know when we needed to start medication for problem behavior.

If it weren’t for you, and other DAN doctors, we would have never known otherwise, as our daughter’s other doctors have recommended nothing. Thank you for being the doctor that you are, and that, in spite of the politics surrounding your area of medicine, you are committed to curing these children.

We now have a couple doctors looking into finding out why and how this happened to our daughter, but you are the only one who has known how to fix it.

Again, thank you. You truly have made a difference in my daughter’s life.